What is Paction?
Paction is a free service that allows you and your friends to rate & share your favorite products with each other. But there's a catch. Paction only allows you to rate & share items that you've actually purchased.
Why is Paction limited to only items that were purchased?
Great question. Since we all have limited time, we needed a simple way to filter out the noise from Paction and only include the most useful first-hand experiences. Purchases is a natural filter.
Why did you name it Paction?
Paction is shorthand for Products + Action.
Can I use Paction to write a review for my friends?
Nope. We found that writing a good review takes a lot of time. Also, the time spent reading reviews quickly adds up (you know you can't just stop at one.) Time is what we are all short of. Since your items are only being shared with your trusted friends, a rating alone will suffice. (And if your trusted friends really need more information, they can always ask you directly.)
Is a rating enough to go on?
We feel that ratings from trusted friends can be extremely helpful. Of course, you still need to evaluate if the product meets your specific needs.
What is the most effective way to use Paction?
We suggest you use Paction as a starting point to come up with a shortlist of products based on your friends' ratings. Then, continue your research online to see which product meets your specific needs. But that's just us. If you have a unique way that you are making use of Paction, please let us know!
How long does it take most people to rate their items?
3 seconds or less. In fact, if it'll take you longer than 3 seconds to rate an item, just skip it!
I want to improve my rating speed. Do you have any tricks?
Go with your gut. Then sleep on it. If any of the ratings that you submitted nag at you, then those are the ones you need to change. Trust us, it's uncanny how effective this trick is.
How does Paction protect my privacy?
We only share the items that you explicitly tell us to and only with your trusted friends. And we never share the specific purchase date or price with anyone.
Do I have to rate every item?
Of course not. We want your ratings to be honest as possible. You can skip any item you don't want to rate for any reason.
Can I share an item without rating it first?
Indeed you can
Do I have to share my items?
Not at all. Sharing is completely optional.
Can I rate & share items that I bought years ago?
Can I rate & share items that I purchased as a gift?
Can I rate & share items that I purchased for resale?
Sorry, no. We only want you rating items that you have first-hand experience with.
Can I rate & share items that I haven't bought yet?
Sorry, no
Pretty please. I promise to buy the item very soon.
Hey now, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but the answer is still no. But you can rate & share it after you purchase it.
I received a gift from a friend. Can I rate & share the item on Paction?
Sorry, at this time, only the original buyer can rate & share it on Paction.
I share an ecommerce account with my life partner. Can we both rate & share items from the same account on Paction?
Yes, you can both rate & share items from the same ecommerce account. You would rate & share the items that you used. And your life partner would rate & share the items that he or she used.
What if my life partner and I both used the same physical items? Can we both rate & share them?
Yes, please do!
Can I rate & shared items that I returned?
If you returned the item because you were dissatisfied with it, then yes. However, if returned the item because you ordered the wrong item, then to be honest with your trusted friends, you shouldn't rate & share it.
Do I need to type my purchases into Paction?
No manual typing! We provide a handy drag & drop interface that makes it very easy to add your items to Paction.
What will Paction do with my items once I add them?
Absolutely nothing. Your items will be kept completely private. You will have the ability to optionally rate & share them—when you want. Your friends will only be able to see the items that you share.
I rated & shared some items. Now I changed my mind. What should I do?
You can change your ratings and make your items private at any time.
What will happen if I rate & share items that I didn't purchase?
If we suspect that you are rating & sharing items that you did not purchase, we will investigate the situation. Offenders can have their accounts suspended or terminated. If that wasn't bad enough, you will have to live with the fact that you are lying to your friends who are trusting you.
Do you have any experimental features?
Yes, Paction will be experimenting with new features all the time. If you see anything you like or don't like, be sure to let us know.

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