How It Works

At Paction, we are looking to revolutionize how we collectively share information with our friends and family so we spend less time shopping and more time living (unless you live to shop, in which case, Paction will give you even more time to shop! 🙂)

Imagine being able to waltz in to your friend's house and peek at the products they bought and love. With their permission, of course. But on your schedule. Not theirs.

Imagine the delight on your friends' faces when you tell them about the amazing products you've bought and loved. But not one friend at a time—that would take too long. Now, you can tell all your friends at once. On your schedule. Not theirs.

That's the promise of Paction.

So how does Paction work?

You start off by adding your past purchases to Paction. Don't worry, we made this super easy and fast.

Next, you optionally rate and/or share the items with your friends. Your friends will only be able to see the items you share. But they'll never see—for any items—your actual purchase price or date.

Try Paction & Get Your Life Back

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